phpMyAdmin v4.7.5 Final 多语言中文正式版-MySQL数据库管理


phpMyAdmin v4.7.5 Final 多语言中文正式版-MySQL数据库管理
当前出现很多 GUI MySQL客户程序,其中最为出色的是基于 Web 的 phpMyAdmin 工具。这是一种 MySQL 数据库前台的基于PHP的工具。PhpMyAdmin 的缺点是必须安装在 Web 服务器中,所以如果没有合适的访问权限,其它用户有可能损害到 SQL 数据。

在什么情况下会用到 phpMyAdmin
4、执行 SQL 语句的时候


Fixed javascript error in server monitor
Reload javascript translations when changing language
Fixed error when browsing non-SELECT results
Fixed export of table with VIRTUAL columns
Fixed incorrectly selecting the next row when selecting multiple rows
Fixes for input transformations

* Fixed creating relations
* Fixed export without back quotes
* Improved handling of uploaded files with open_basedir
* Fixed usage of some browser transformations
* Automatically connect using SSL when server is configured for such

– issue #13314 Make theme selection keep current server
– issue #13311 Fixed direct login for accounts without password
– issue #13316 Fixed check for mbstring.func_overload
– issue #13323 Fixed wrong encoding of table at triggers
– issue #12976 Fixed natural sorting in several places
– issue #12718 Show warning for users removed from mysql.user table
– issue #13362 Fixed loading additional javascripts
– issue #13343 Fixed editing QBE
– issue #13193 Improved documentation on user settings
– issue #13092 Gracefully handle early fatal errors in AJAX requests
– issue #13327 Fixed Incorrect NavigationTreeEnableExpansion default value in the documentation
– issue #13008 Fixed export of database with a lot of tables
– issue #13318 Improved performance when importing with enabled tracking
– issue #13386 Avoid PHP errors with non existing configuration on OS X
– issue #13388 Show only supported charsets for conversion
– issue #13392 Fixed operation with session.auto_start enabled
– issue #13383 “Create PHP code” is broken
– issue #13189 Fixed links to resume timeouted import

a regular maintenance release containing bug fixes.
A complete list of new features and bugs that have been fixed is available in the ChangeLog file or
changelog.php included with this release.
– patch #12233 [Display] Improve message when renaming database to same name
– issue #6146 Log authentication attempts to syslog
– issue #11981 Remove support for Swekey authentication
– issue #11987 Remove code for no longer supported MSIE versions
+ issue #11962 Remove embedded PHP libraries, use composer to install them
+ issue #12017 Cannot easily select multiple tables when exporting
+ issue #12047 Add javascript filtering for databases
– issue #12166 More compact rendering of navigation tree
+ issue #12129 Improve performance with SkipLockedTables
– issue #12173 Do not hide indexes under a slider
– issue Improve performance of zip file import
– issue #12196 Removed $cfg[‘ThemePath’]
– issue #6274 Add support for export user settings as config.inc.php snippet
– issue #5555 Better report query errors while generating SQL exports
– issue #12307 Produce valid JSON on export
– issue #12325 Setup script icons broken
– issue #12378 Support IPv6 proxies
– issue Removed MySQL connection retry without password
– issue #12218 Allow to specify further parameters for control connection
– issue #12162 Show charset for each table on Database structure page
– issue #12463 Incorrect link in the href of icon at Hide/Show unhide links
– issue #12330 Shortcut for closing console
– issue #12465 Improved handling of http requests
– issue #12474 Broken links in Setup forms Navigation
– issue #12494 Can’t add a new User
– issue #12523 Add ‘token’ Parameter in all POST requests (Fix ‘Token mismatch’ errors)
– issue #12302 Improved usage of number_format
– issue #12656 Server selection not working
– issue #12543 NULL results in dataset are colored grey
– issue #12664 Create Bookmark broken
– issue #12688 Use unsigned int for storing bookmark ID
– issue #12352 Added password strength indicator
– issue #12713 Correctly handle HTTP status when doing requests
– issue #12247 Add option to delete settings from browser storage
– issue #12783 Remove unused PMA_addJSCode function
– issue #12069 Add table filtering to database structure
– issue #12799 Allow to configure signon session parameters
– issue #12854 Drop database is broken
– issue #12863 Can’t toggle Event Scheduler on
– issue #12742 Finish removing dead code references to xls/xlsx import and export, which was removed some time ago.
– issue #12536 Rename “Relations” to “Relationships” in many places as it’s the more proper term
– issue #12834 Fixed margins in central columns feature
– issue #12903 Document more export configuration options
– issue #12897 Use consistent numeric format for table overhead
– issue #12901 Use server returned table name on renaming table
– issue #12918 Always use \r\n as newline when editing fields
– issue #12923 Fixed server side search in navigation panel
– issue #12929 Undefined index warning with ssl_ca_paths
– issue #12924 Do not show errors from OpenSSL cookie encryption/decryption
– issue #12945 Fixed hint rendering on adding new user
– issue #12941 Fixed sorting of tables in relation view
– issue #12936 Fixed tables pagination in navigation panel
– issue #12904 Do not collapse add form for central columns if there are none
– issue #12955 Fixed database renaming
– issue #12954 Fixed export of tracking data
– issue #12960 Enclose exports in transaction by default
– issue #12966 After adding a column ADD INDEX option won’t be displayed when enabling AI
– issue #12972 Better error message when Composer has not been run
– issue #12988 Do not show language selector without choices
– issue #12993 Fixed external links to php documentation
– issue #12990 Fixed error when loading favorite tables to console
– issue #12981 Improved rendering of new version information
– issue #12922 Fixed bookmarks ordering
– issue #12964 Fixed table search in navigation
– issue #12985 Fixed rendering of foreign key browsing
– issue #12957 Fixed manipulation with GIS data having zero coordinates
– issue #12804 Fixed various designer javascript errors
– issue #12934 Fixed possible javascript error on server status page
– issue #12927 Fixed javascript error on 3NF normalization
– issue #12996 List all databses in navigation panel database dropdown
– issue #12980 Better defaults when creating multi field foreign key
– issue #12976 Improved foreign key editor behavior
– issue #12958 Always show error reporting dialog on top
– issue #12693 Improved support for TokuDB
– issue #11231 Try harder to honor LoginCookieValidity setting
– issue #13016 andbug #13017 Slight improvements to the table layout of Relation view
– issue #12345 Correctly show affected rows for LOAD DATA queries
– issue #13010 Copy database: SQL error for copying PMADB metadata
– issue #13002 Fixed OpenDocument exports
– issue #13000 Align NULL values according to the column alignment
– issue #13021 Show phpMyAdmin errors even with error_reporting set to 0
– issue #13020 Removed warning about client and server versions mismatch
– issue Hide comments on table Structure tab when no comment is set
– issue Fixed submission of error reports
– issue #13033 Use Referrer-Policy header to specify referrer policy
– issue Fixed javascript confirmation of dangerous queries
– issue #13040 Compatibility with hhvm 3.18
– issue #13031 Fixed displaying of all rows
– issue #12967 Fixed related field selection for native relations
– issue #13045 Properly escape MIME transformatoin names
– issue #13028 Always show 100% in font selector
– issue #13047 Fix query simulating for more servers
– issue #12846 Fix new version check for sites with wrongly configured curl
– issue #12951 When exporting to Excel, the default is now to include column names in the first row
– issue #13059 Removed debugging code
– issue #13029 Fixed table tracking for nested table groups
– issue #13053 Fixed broken links in setup
– issue #12708 Removed phpMyAdmin version from User-Agent header
– issue #13084 Do not point users to setup when it is disabled
– issue #12660 Delete only phpMyAdmin cookies on upgrade
– issue #13088 Fixed editing of rows with text primary key
– issue #13092 Do not try to sync favorite tables if configuration storage is not enabled
– issue #13105 Fixed changing attribute for virtual field
– issue #12757 Fixed setting password on recent MariaDB with non working plugins
– issue #12349 Fixed undefined variable on import from some formats
– issue #13103 Do not offer default names for copying/renaming databases


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