Xmanager Enterprise 5.0 Build 1243 多语言中文注册版


Xmanager Enterprise是NetSarang出品的远程管理Linux服务器工具。经常在Win和LINUX系统来回切换的人很应该很了解这款软件,软件支持Win10和Win7下运行。Xmanager是一个一站式解决方案,包括了常用的Xshell、Xftp和Xlpd等功能。Xmanager是在Windows环境下使用的强大而好用的PC X 服务器软件。用户通过Xmanager可以把UNIX/Linux桌面导入到自己的Windows PC。即使用户的PC使用专用网络或PC和远程服务器之间设有防火墙,通过SSH(Secure Shell)也可以安全运行X 应用程序。
Xmanager Enterprise 5.0 Build 1243 多语言中文注册版
Xmanager Enterprise 5是一个一体化的解决方案,它的套包里包含了Xmanager 3D,Xshell,Xftp和Xlpd。Xmanager 3D共享3D(OpenGL)X 窗口应用,Xshell使用安全终端管理远程Unix / Linux服务器,Xftp在系统之间安全的传输文件,而Xlpd可在本地打印其它系统上的远程文件。
Xmanager Enterprise是完整的网络连接套件,它带有一个高性能PC X服务器,支持OpenGL(GLX)、3d硬件加速、安全终端模拟器、文件传输客户端和LPD打印机服务器。Xmanager Enterprise 5使3d X应用程序运行得更快,通过SSH和TELNET来提供安全的远程终端访问,通过SFTP/FTP进行方便的文件传输,使用LPD在本地打印远程文件等。
Xmanager Enterprise 5.0 Build 1243 多语言中文注册版


Xmanager Enterprise开创了一个通过整合分散系统资源来降低整体成本的纪元。其直观的用户界面使用户安装程序几乎不会花费任何时间,高质量的客户支持团队有着超过十年的社区业务经验。
Xmanager Enterprise 5.0 Build 1243 多语言中文注册版
通过Xstart可以在用户PC运行远程X应用程序,登陆远程主机时支持SSH、TELNET、RLOGIN、REXEC、RSH和LOCAL协议。利用Xstart可以在用户的Windows PC轻松执行远程主机的命令。

Xmanager Enterprise 5 Build 1243 更新记录:

FIX: [Xmanager] Screen blinks when started in fullscreen
FIX: [Xshell] Auto-update incorrectly states user is using the latest version
FIX: [Xshell] Cursor is not reset when terminal is reset
FIX: [Xshell] Renaming a tab sometimes applies the name to a different tab
FIX: [Xshell] Reverse video terminal escape sequence ignored
FIX: [Xshell] When open in a New Window is selected, a new tab name from the -newtab option is applied to an existing tab
FIX: [Xftp] User is prompted for password when opening new terminal from a connected session
FIX: [Xftp] Calling Xftp from a session`s context menu always defaults to TCP 22
FIX: [Xlpd] resources clean up
5 Build 1179 更新记录:
ADD: [Common] ED25519 encryption algorithm
MOD: [Xftp] Command line executes to existing window
MOD: [Common] Changed Dialog Window’s default font
MOD: [Common] OpenSSL upgraded to v1.0.2k
FIX: [Common] Compression does not function if compression options is set to delayed
FIX: [Common] Unexpected packet 80
FIX: [Xshell] “+” character not processed in command line
FIX: [Xshell] Find is not applied to other tabs
FIX: [Xshell] Internal SFTP command line history support
FIX: [Xshell] Multipane Full Screen mode unselectable from Context Menu when in Full Screen mode
FIX: [Xshell] While in single process mode even if set to open in new window, new session opens in current window
FIX: [Xlpd] Duplicate messages for non-duplicate queue names
FIX: [Xlpd] Help cannot be clicked while Xlpd is in the notification area
5 Build 1104 更新记录:
ADD: [Xmanager] RandR extension can now be used in Multiple Window Mode
MOD: [Xshell] Removed Xactivator program
FIX: [Xmanager] Certain option files missing during migration
FIX: [Xshell] Status of selected sessions changes after opening session properties in the tree view
FIX: [Xftp] Status of selected sessions changes after opening session properties in the tree view
5 Build 1026 更新记录:
MOD: [Xshell] Keyboard input by user no longer triggers a new message flag in tabs
FIX: [Xmanager] Unable to input certain keys with the Spanish keyboard
FIX: [Xshell] Crash when wrong WaitForStrings type is used
FIX: [Xshell] The default port number is displayed when the dynamic forwarding port is edited
FIX: [Common] New type of evaluation keys not registering correctly in older versions
ADD: Left/Right Alt keys can be mapped as separate Meta keys
MOD: Temporary product keys can now be set to a daily limit
FIX: Alt(Meta) + PgUp, PgDn keys not functioning
FIX: Focus directed away from VBS prompt dialog window
FIX: Incorrect session information when clicking X button of session tabs
FIX: Logging incorrectly stops when a session disconnect is cancelled
FIX: Opening an Xshell sessopm from cmd with password embedded URL prompts for a password
5 Build 1001更新记录:
ADD: [Xshell] Warning message when wrong or no master password is inputted
FIX: [Xbrowser, Xshell] Issues using Xshell in Windows 10 RS1
FIX: [Xbrowser, Xshell] Unable to control Xshell after pressing Alt+space keys
FIX: [Xshell] Pointless timeout message in VBS
FIX: [Xshell] Simple mode turns off regardless of the view setting
FIX: [Xshell] can not save font size changed in editing multiple sessions

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