屏幕捕获工具 TechSmith SnagIt v18.1.1 Build 924 注册版


Snagit 18是一款非常优秀的屏幕捕获工具,它不仅仅可以截取图像,它还可以录制视频,以及对截取后的图像进行强大的编辑等等。有了SnagIt你可以节省很多时间,同时也可以给你带来很多工作上的帮助。SnagIt 18给你所有你需要轻松共享创造醒目的图像和视频的工具。SnagIt 18帮助你在屏幕上捕捉到任何东西。捕捉图像,视频或在屏幕上的文字。使用一键式快速访问您的拍摄需求。屏幕捕获工具 TechSmith SnagIt v18.1.1 Build 924 注册版SnagIt(屏幕截图)能够捕获 Windows 屏幕、DOS 屏幕;RM 影片、游戏画面;菜单、窗口、客户区窗口、最终一个激活的窗口或用鼠标界说的区域。图象可被存为BMP、PCX、TIF、GIF或JPEG格局,也能够存为系列动画。运用 JPEG能够指定所需的紧缩级(从1%到99%)。能够挑选是不是包含光标,增加水印。别的还具有主动缩放,色彩削减,单色变换,颤动,以及变换为灰度级。
此外,保留屏幕捕获的图象前,能够用其自带的修正器修正;也能够挑选主动将其送至SnagIt打印机或Windows剪贴板中,也能够直接用E- mail发送。 SnagIt具有将显如今Windows桌面上的文本块变换为机器可读文本的共同才能,这儿乃至无需CUT和PASTE。 程序撑持 DDE,所以其他程序能够操控和主动捕获屏幕。撑持输出到外部程序或IM(即时通讯)软件、导入/导出特色。
屏幕捕获工具 TechSmith SnagIt v18.1.1 Build 924 注册版捕获
利用SnagIt 18编辑器来预览,编辑和共享捕获。
SnagIt 18编辑器提供了多种方式来提高捕获的图像:
SnagIt 编辑器中的库维护您捕获的历史,可以很容易地标记,找到捕获。
屏幕捕获工具 TechSmith SnagIt v18.1.1 Build 924 注册版What’s new in version 18.0.0:
Smart Move
– Quickly move text or move objects around in images that you have captured. Keep your image content up to date when UIs and the underlying technology changes.
– Communicate changes, suggestions, or give feedback by swiftly editing your captures.
Text Replace
– Do more than just move text around in your capture and choose to edit it directly.
Grab Text
– Choose to capture text on your screen or find and copy text after capture from the whole image or select an area in the image to get specific text.
Additional Changes
– Added In-app messages for onboarding (keep a look out for banners in Snagit Editor for helpful tips).
– Drag images and videos from the tray into your OS as a png or mp4.
– Recently used fonts in your OS show at the top of the list in Snagit Editor.
– Resolved several bugs and added other workflow improvements
•Updates to address potential security issues
•Complete changelog not yet updated.
•Logging into Snagit and the outputs for Google Drive, YouTube, Screencast, and Relay will now send you to your default browser instead of a sheet in Snagit
•Improved the Photo Quality Auto-Fill beta feature
•Can again deploy with custom presets and preferences
•With Always Shrink to Fit on, resizing Editor will adjust the zoom level. That setting will also be remembered between launches
•Fixed an issue that would result in an error when trying to record the screen on some Windows 7 machines
•Fixed an issue that would cause recording to stop after 10 minutes when controls were minimized
•Fixed an issue causing the login screen for Evernote to be blank
•Fixed a crash on startup that was related to tool themes
•Fixed an issue that would cause some settings to reset after rebooting
•Deleting the Snagit folder in My Documents will no longer prevent deleting auto-saved captures
•Can now update your translated files by re-importing a translated XLIFF file
•Fixed a crash for some users when exporting for translation
•Made the Snagit Updater more reliable
•Other bug fixes and performance improvements
•Installation process improvements, including instances where .NET needs to be updated
•Improved detection of app windows, including Microsoft Office 2016 products
•Fixed crash that occurred when files open in the Editor were deleted from the hard drive
•Fixed crash that resulted when importing and using Arabic fonts Fixed issue where outputs were not installing if Snagit was running
•Fixed instance where Editor wasn’t presenting after a capture
•Added graphic to OneClick toggle in Capture Preferences
•Improved process of manual Snagit key entry
•Various other bug fixes and performance improvements
•Added a link to TSC Privacy Policy to About Snagit area (located in Help file menu)
•Added ability to Share images, videos and GIFs to Twitter
•Fixed a crash when Snagit opens on systems with Jaksta installed
•Fixed a crash when a Video Selection capture area extends across multiple monitors
•Fixed a crash when Snagit opens on Windows 7 N edition
•Fixed an issue with Snagit not remembering last capture settings after shutdown
•Fixed an issue during installation that resulted in Snagit being set as the default printer
•Fixed an issue where exporting GIFs to Google Drive and Program outputs resulted in file being saved with incorrect extension (MP4)
•Fixed an issue with All-in-One capture preview not showing context menus (e.g. right click menus)
•Fixed an issue where trial users were not being routed to the correct sign-in window
•Fixed an issue where mouse could stick on capture HUD when using webcam
•Fixed an issue where an external webcam’s mic could not be utilized
•Fixed an issue where AutoSave dialogue presented twice for unsaved files when closing Editor
•Fixed an issue with Quick Styles where scrolling became stuck at the bottom of the window
•Fixed an issue with access to Snagit when conditions arise that block access to signin.techsmith.com
•Various other bug fixes and performance improvements
install dirSnagit32.exe
install dirSnagitEditor.exe
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