汉化工具 Poedit Pro v2.1.1多语言中文注册版


Poedit Pro 中文多语言版是一款非常优秀的软件本地化工具。Poedit Pro 中文注册版(旧称poEdit)是一个免费(专业版收费)、开源及跨平台的gettext类(.po 格式,应用程式里采用了gettext来作程式的国际化)国际化翻译编辑器,也是同类型软件中最广泛使用的一个。现时它不论在 Unix+GTK 或 Windows平台 配合 wxWidgets 均有相关版本,并以MIT许可证释出。汉化工具 Poedit Pro v2.1.1多语言中文注册版该软件工具使您能够导入PO和POT格式,而出口是可能的,一个PO或HTML文件。除此之外,你应该知道,你可以输入你的名字,项目和电子邮件地址,更改UI语言和字符集,并使用默认的规则复数形式或自定义表达式。主窗口,可以查看源文本和翻译并排侧,这是会大大提高易用性的功能。汉化工具 Poedit Pro v2.1.1多语言中文注册版此外,也有一些盒子,它可以按顺序用于输入或编辑文本,以及笔记等翻译。您可以清除整个翻译,从源头,标志翻译复制模糊,展示引用和使用搜索功能。也可以从POT文件更新,或者从TM(翻译记忆库)填补漏译,书签设置和管理他们,显示屏报价,录入身份证,指出了翻译和排序文件顺序,源和翻译项目。
2.0.7 更新记录:
Revamped User Interface
The app was polished and updated to feel modern, look and work better. The information you need for translating is all concentrated in the edit area, including the “needs work” flag (previously called “fuzzy”), message contexts and format indicators. Special characters and formats are highlighted with the new syntax highlighter so that it’s much harder to make a mistake.
Connect to WordPress
One of the biggest addition is direct WordPress connectivity. You no longer have to work with locally saved copies of the plugins or themes (although you still can!), but can simply connect to the server and make changes directly there. Get translation files from the server and re-upload them back as soon as you save them in Poedit.
Twig Templates
Lately, Twig templates and Timber are increasingly popular templating solutions and Poedit 2 now fully supports them for strings extraction. Poedit’s extractor for Twig is the best out there, bar none.
Poedit 2 features robust pre-translation support: you can now pre-translate the entire file using Poedit’s huge online database and machine translation and then only correct the imperfections. This is often faster than using suggestions one by one and can be particularly effective when a lot of strings are commonly repeated, such as in themes translations.
And Some More
– ”Fuzzy” was renamed “Needs work” thorough to be more accessible to gettext non-experts.
– xgettext invocation can now be customized on per-file basis.
– Files opened from Crowdin now auto-sync on save.
– Lots of small bugfixes and improvements.
2.0.4 更新记录:
Twig extractor now supports Symfony.
Added support for Crowdin branches.
Poedit now remembers your pre-translation settings.
2.0.3 更新记录:
Loading and saving of large PO files is now much faster.
Fixed frequent false positives in QA warnings for German, Japanese, Arabic and translations with reordered brackets.
Added ability to remember connection settings for multiple WordPress servers.
Path to the wp-content directory can now be specified as part of server name when connecting to a WordPress server.
Twig: fixed parsing of {% set %} statements and of translatable strings within control statements.
Fixed issues with suggestions not showing up in the sidebar if the user had an unusually tall editing area set up.

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