公开可用DNS over HTTPS服务



公开可用DNS over HTTPS服务


Publicly available servers

Who runs it Base URL Comment
aaflalo.me Server US: https://dns-nyc.aaflalo.me/dns-query
Server EU: https://dns.aaflalo.me/dns-query
Runs on Star Brilliant's dns-over-https
Both servers check for DNSSEC and block advertising
AdGuard Default: https://dns.adguard.com/dns-query
Family protection: https://dns-family.adguard.com/dns-query
Default provides ad-blocking at DNS level, while Family protection adds adult site blocking.
AhaDNS.com https://doh.nl.ahadns.net/dns-query
A zero logging DNS with support for DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) & DNS-over-TLS (DoT). Blocks ads, malware, trackers, viruses and telemetry. DNSSEC, TLS 1.3, Open Source.
Alibaba Public DNS https://dns.alidns.com/dns-query DoH/DoT/DNS Json API, Best DoH/DoT server in China
Andrews & Arnold https://dns.aa.net.uk/dns-query no logging (see DNS Disclaimer)
alekberg Spain: https://dnses.alekberg.net/dns-query
Holland: https://dnsnl.alekberg.net/dns-query
Sweden: https://dnsse.alekberg.net/dns-query
DoH Servers in Spain, Holland and Sweden. No logging, no filtering, DNSSEC support.
armadillodns.net https://doh.armadillodns.net/dns-query No source IP logging.
Association 42l https://doh.42l.fr/dns-query DNSSEC, not logging queries' content, uses doh-proxy and edgedns for caching. Queries proxied randomly through FFDN members' open DNS resolvers (French ISPs committing for net neutrality).
blahdns.com Finland: https://doh-fi.blahdns.com/dns-query
Japan: https://doh-jp.blahdns.com/dns-query
Germany: https://doh-de.blahdns.com/dns-query
Based on Go implementation, knot-resolver, Unbound with DNSSEC, No ECS, No logs, Adsblock
blockerDNS https://example.doh.blockerdns.com/dns-query DNS-based ad-blocking service; One-man operation; ZERO IP and DNS query logging for DoH and DoT. Charges 99c per month for https DOH service
BraveDNS Malware and ad-blocking: https://free.bravedns.com/dns-query
Endpoint configuration with custom blocklists: https://bravedns.com/configure
A stub resolver running in 200+ locations world-wide on Cloudfare. Fast, secure, private, transparent, configurable DNS resolver. No ECS. Implements CNAME Cloaking. No-logging. github
captnemo.in https://doh.captnemo.in/dns-query Runs dnss with local unbound resolver running DNSCrypt with DNSSEC support as the upstream. Privacy Policy. More details at https://captnemo.in/doh/. No logging or filtering. Runs in Bangalore, India
CIRA Canadian Shield Private: https://private.canadianshield.cira.ca/dns-query
Protected: https://protected.canadianshield.cira.ca/dns-query
Family: https://family.canadianshield.cira.ca/dns-query
Supports DNSSEC, keeps DNS traffic inside Canada.
Private: DNS resolution service that keeps your DNS data private from third-parties.
Protected: Includes Private features and adds malware and phishing blocking.
Family: Includes Protected and Private features and blocks pornographic content.
Cisco Umbrella/OpenDNS Standard: https://doh.opendns.com/dns-query
FamilyShield (blocks adult content): https://doh.familyshield.opendns.com/dns-query
DNSSEC, Anycast
CleanBrowsing https://doh.cleanbrowsing.org/doh/family-filter/ anycast DoH server with parental control (restricts access to adult content + enforces safe search)
Cloudflare https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
also available via Tor onion service
Mozilla: https://mozilla.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
Block Malware: https://security.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
Block Malware and Adult Content: https://family.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
DNS64: https://dns64.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query
Supports both -04 and -13 content-types
Comcast https://doh.xfinity.com/dns-query Experimental, DNSSEC
Commons Host https://commons.host ~20 PoPs worldwide, Node.js/playdoh over Knot Resolver.
ContainerPI Unfiltered by Cloudflare:
Filtered by CleanBrowsing, blocks adult content:
Filtered, blocks malicious domains only:
Based on m13253/DNS-over-HTTPS, no logging, EDNS Client Subnet enabled. Multiple nodes in China Mainland(limited), China Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, România, Russia, USA and Brazil.
Cox https://dohdot.coxlab.net/dns-query Experimental, No DNSSEC
CZ.NIC https://odvr.nic.cz/dns-query Runs on Knot Resolver (doh2), supports DNSSEC, provided by .cz TLD operator
Digitale Gesellschaft https://dns.digitale-gesellschaft.ch/dns-query No query/IP logging, no filtering, QNAME minimization, TLS 1.3, DNSSEC; https://www.digitale-gesellschaft.ch/dns/
dns.flatuslifir.is https://dns.flatuslifir.is/dns-query Public adblock server that supports DoT & DoH for fun and learning, no logging, supports DNSSEC, qname-minimisation, ECS is not enabled. Located in Iceland, built on pihole, nginx, unbound, m13253/DNS-over-HTTPS
DNS.SB https://doh.dns.sb/dns-query DNSSEC enabled
dnsforge.de https://dnsforge.de/dns-query No logging. Support DNSSEC. Hosted in Germany
dnsHome.de https://dns.dnshome.de/dns-query DoH Server in Germany. No logging, No filtering, DNSSEC and own DNS Resolver
DNSlify https://doh.dnslify.com/dns-query Anycast, No Logging, Own Recursion, Strict Privacy Policy.
doh.li https://doh.li/dns-query Runs on dns-over-https, no logging, EDNS Client Subnet enabled, based in DigitalOcean London. DNSSEC and adblock not currently enabled.
FAELIX https://rdns.faelix.net/ No logging, based on dnsdist-doh RC querying our powerdns-recursor resolvers, multiple nodes in UK and CH, more info
ffmuc.net https://doh.ffmuc.net/dns-query DoH-Server of Freifunk München. No logging, no filter, DNSSEC, own recursion. More in our wiki
Foundation for Applied Privacy https://doh.applied-privacy.net/query No query/IP logging, no filtering, QNAME minimization, no EDNS client subnet, TLS 1.3, DNSSEC, RFC7706, RFC8198; https://applied-privacy.net/services/dns/
Google https://dns.google/dns-query
DNS64: https://dns64.dns.google/dns-query
Full RFC 8484 support
Hostux.net Uncensored DNS: https://dns.hostux.net/dns-query
Adblocking DNS: https://dns.hostux.net/ads
DNSSEC, no EDNS Client-Subnet, not logging queries' content, hosted in Luxembourg.
Hurricane Electric (he.net) https://ordns.he.net/dns-query Also supports DoT and TLS 1.3, Does not support DNSSEC. Anycast servers.
jcdns.fun https://jcdns.fun/dns-query secure nginx, Non-Logged / Uncensored, hosted on Digital Ocean VPS by jamesacampbell AKA James Campbell.
jitender https://jit.ddns.net/dns-query DoH server - India, Oracle Cloud, Hyderabad, India, Runs with nginx, high availability, load balanced by nginx with multiple backend DNS servers. Blocks ad, analytics, trackers blocking provides a clean browsing experience. @coolquasar
jp.tiar.app https://jp.tiar.app/dns-query
No Censorship, No Logging, No ECS, support DNSSEC in Japan
LavaDNS USA: https://us1.dns.lavate.ch/dns-query, Finland: https://eu1.dns.lavate.ch/dns-query DoH server in USA and Finland. No logging, no filtering, no ECS, DNSSEC support.
lelux.fi https://resolver-eu.lelux.fi/dns-query DoH server in France. No logging, no filtering, DNSSEC support.
LibreDNS https://doh.libredns.gr/dns-query no logging, TLS 1.3, No DNSSEC
nextdns.io https://dns.nextdns.io/<config_id>
Create a config ID
The first cloud-based private DNS service that gives you full control over what is allowed and what is blocked on the Internet. 300,000 domain resolution per month is free! Quite a fine-granular dashboard, the same account can be used for multiple devices with prefixes to easier track activities on the dashboard!
NekomimiRouter.com https://dns.dns-over-https.com/dns-query Runs Go implementation. Does recursion itself with no upstream servers. Toy server may fail, please report if fails
pi-dns.com https://doh.pi-dns.com/dns-query
A zero logging DNS with support for DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) & DNS-over-TLS (DoT). Blocks ads, malware, trackers, viruses and telemetry. DNSSEC, TLS 1.3
PowerDNS https://doh.powerdns.org Based on dnsdist-doh branch
Quad9 Recommended: https://dns.quad9.net/dns-query
Secured: https://dns9.quad9.net/dns-query
Unsecured: https://dns10.quad9.net/dns-query
Secured w/ECS Support: https://dns11.quad9.net/dns-query
Secured provides: Security blocklist, DNSSEC, no EDNS Client-Subnet
Unsecured provides: No security blocklist, no DNSSEC, no EDNS Client-Subnet
Recommend is currently identical to secure.
Rubyfish.cn https://dns.rubyfish.cn/dns-query East China Zone, Based on https://github.com/m13253/dns-over-https
Snopyta https://fi.doh.dns.snopyta.org/dns-query Non-logging DoH Server in Finland
SWITCH https://dns.switch.ch/dns-query DNSSEC validation protects from forged or manipulated DNS data from upstream servers, DNS Query Name Minimisation to improve privacy, SWITCH DNS Firewall blocks access to infected or malicious websites and redirects users to a landing page
Tiarap https://doh.tiar.app/dns-query
Based in Singapore, No logging, block Ad/Ad-tracking/Malware, No ECS, DNSSEC
TWNIC https://dns.twnic.tw/dns-query No source IP logging. Operated by Quad101 project, according to this announcement
wugui.zone https://dns.wugui.zone/dns-query
DoH Server in Russia. No logging, No filtering
@chantra https://dns.dnsoverhttps.net/dns-query "toy server" which runs doh-proxy
@jedisct1 https://doh.crypto.sx/dns-query a server which runs another project called doh-proxy, written in Rust.
ibksturm.synology.me https://ibksturm.synology.me/dns-query doh-server (nginx - dnsproxy - unbound), DNSSEC / Non-Logged / Uncensored, OpenNIC and Root DNS-Zone Copy Hosted in Switzerland by ibksturm, aka Andreas Ziegler.
@matthewgall - mydns.network https://adblock.mydns.network/dns-query (adblock, using PiHole) no logging, DNSSEC enforcing, DDoS protected (using Spectrum by Cloudflare), anycast)
@null31 https://ibuki.cgnat.net/dns-query Based in Brazil / doh-server (nginx - dnsdist - unbound) / dot-server (dnsdist - unbound) / DNSSEC / QNAME minimization / Uncensored / no logging, no ECS, hosted on Oracle Cloud VPS by null31.
@publicarray dns.seby.io https://doh-2.seby.io/dns-query
Australian server that runs @m13253's Go implementation, Unbound with DNSSEC, No ECS, and No logs

*: Tested via curl --doh-url <RESOLVER_URI> http://google.com.

Private DNS Server with DoH setup examples

Base Source Comment
Docker https://github.com/satishweb/docker-doh Complete Docker stack using Star Brilliant's dns-over-https and Docker Flow Proxy
Docker https://github.com/coolquasar/dnsproxy Complete DoH, DoT and DoQ stack in docker based on Adguard home dnsproxy project. Could host DoH,DoT and DoQ quickly in a cloud server, and run respective clients in local Docker env. It has been tested in Raspberry PI as well

Supported in browsers and clients

Name Version Comments
Firefox 62 Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS
Bromite 67.0.3396.88 How to enable DoH
curl 7.62.0 See DOH-implementation
OkHttp 3.11 See Providers
curl-doh n/a basic stand-alone DoH client that uses curl
Chrome 66 https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=799753

DOH Tools

Name Author/Organization Comments
coredns Cloudflare CoreDNS is a DNS server/forwarder, written in Go from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
doh-proxy Facebook tools for DoH
dns2doh Daniel tool for generating DOH responses and questions.
doh-proxy Frank Denis server-side proxy in rust
doh-php-client Daniel Cid can be used to test and run DoH requests via PHP applications.
doh-js-client Peter Lai client-side implementation of DoH, can be used in nodejs backend.
jDnsProxy Travis Burtrum DNS proxy and cache, implementing DNS-over-TLSDNS-over-HTTPS, and Serve-Stale
dns-over-https Star Brilliant server-side and client-side implementation, written in Golang
dnsdist PowerDNS supports doh, see https://dnsdist.org/guides/dns-over-https.html
dnss Alberto Bertogli daemon written in Go which acts as a proxy (the most common use case), and as a server (in case you want end-to-end control).
nss-tls Dima Krasner a daemon that makes gethostbyname(), getaddrinfo(), etc. happen through DoH, without any change to applications, thus transparently migrating all applications that don't use their own resolver (like some browsers) from DNS to DoH.
dealdoh Maxime Elomari a middleware to proxy DoH requests to different DNS upstreams, written in PHP.
Encrypted-DNS Siujoeng Lau DNS-over-HTTPS forwarder written in Python
RouteDNS Frank Olbricht a flexible stub resolver, proxy, and router with support for DoH, DoT, and plain DNS written in Go.
h2odoh Max Kostikov an implementation with H2O HTTP/2 server using embedded mruby.
Encrypted DNS Server Frank Denis can serve DNSCrypt and DoH traffic simultaneously, written in Rust.
dnscrypt-proxy Frank Denis dnscrypt-proxy 2 - A flexible DNS proxy, with support for encrypted DNS protocols.
quart-doh Matthieu Treussart HTTP/2 server who serves a DOH proxy written in Python, with Quart Python web microframework.
EasyDoH ElevenPaths a simple add-on for Firefox that allows one to easily activate DNS over HTTPS and its working mode with just one click.
dohjs BYU IMAAL Client DoH JavaScript library for accessing DNS information from web applications. Can be tested at dohjs.org
Technitium DNS Server Technitium A FOSS, cross-platform DNS Server written in C# that can consume as well as host DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) and DNS-over-TLS (DoT) services.
kdig CZ.NIC Utility that sends one or more DNS queries to a nameserver. Each query can have individual settings, or it can be specified globally via common-settings, which must precede query specification. This utility supports DoH.


Script to parse DoH provider URLs from this wiki page



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